Sports & Recreation

BuiltSure clearspan fabric structures offer the perfect solution for both temporary and permanent sports domes. With unsurpassed quality, safety, and durability, BuiltSure's fabric structures provide an attractive and cost-efficient solution for bringing outdoor sports indoors without compromising space, light, or functionality.

BuiltSure's sports domes are constructed with a translucent fabric roof; this allows natural light to filter in, creating an aesthetically-pleasing environment while keeping energy costs down. Because of the unique design, clearspan fabric structures provide usable, column-free space up to 150-feet wide. This makes BuiltSure sports domes suitable for most traditional outdoor activities, including tennis, swimming, net ball, soccer, hockey, football, track, equestrian events, and more.

BuiltSure Clearspan Fabric Structures

Clearspan fabric structures are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and a premium fabric solution, and can withstand extreme weather conditions, which makes them ideal for year-round use in regions with harsh climates that hinder outdoor events. Sports domes can be lined, insulated, heated, and air-conditioned, ensuring both athletes and spectators are comfortable and enjoy the event, regardless of outside temperatures.

BuiltSure Sports Domes

BuiltSure offers fully customizable sports domes that can be placed on any surface—even a New York City rooftop! They require minimal foundation preparation, adhere to building codes, and can be configured as free-standing structures or as an expansion of an existing building, all at 30-percent less cost than a traditional steel structure. Clearspan fabric structures can be erected quickly and are visually appealing from inside and out. Their clean lines, airy interior, versatile design and functionality make BuiltSure's clearspan fabric sports domes the perfect choice for colleges, schools, recreational facilities, and event organizers.

The BuiltSure team is committed to quality, communication, and finding the right solution to fit your budget and facility needs. Their engineers will work with you to design a sports dome that is fully engineered to the highest industry standards and meets all ASCE regulatory requirements. They strive to make the construction process as easy as possible by providing plans for permit approval, technical consultants at the construction site, and project managers to oversee the process from beginning to end. Hassle-free turnkey delivery, setup, and removal packages are also available.

Call BuiltSure to learn more about why clearspan fabric structures are the right choice for your sports facility. Whether you need a sports dome for a few weeks or several years, trust BuiltSure to deliver the best fabric structure available in the industry, on time, on budget, and backed by a reputation for quality, ongoing support, and an ability to meet any design criteria. Ready to bring your sporting events in out of the wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures? Call (877) 635-1514 to get started today.


  • Unobstructed clear space
  • Modular design
  • No foundation requirement
  • Delivered and installed
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